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How L.A. Jewelry Designer Rebecca de Ravenel Packs for a Bahamian Escape

For our PHow L.A. Jewelry Designer Rebecca de Ravenel Packs for a Bahamian Escapeacking List series, designers and more women we love open their suitcases to show us how they prepare (and what they bring) for their far-flung adventures.

L.A.-based jewelry designer Rebecca de Ravenel was raised in the Bahamas and considers the islands home, so it’s no surprise that her jewelry has a bright, sunny look to it—sure to enhance the mood of any wearers. (And earn you a ton of compliments.) Her Les Bonbons earrings have become a fashion must, and have been seen on the ears of everyone from your chicest friend to Selena Gomez. Let de Ravenel transport you to a Bahamian escape with her summery packing list detailing what she brings on a trip home—no shoes required. Scroll down for her picks and packing tips.


The Bahamas is home…sun and sanity!


I have been using the same luggage forever, although I just got a Globe-Trotter suitcase that I am looking forward to breaking in with stickers from travels.


It depends on where I am going, if I am going home (to the Bahamas) I will essentially bring myself, I live in a bathing suit and have a closet full of caftans. When I am “en route” to a city, I have never been known to travel light.

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