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Fashion Police: No way to work out the bugs in these designs


I have to admit, morsels, we laughed when my Aunt Anchovia started a moth farm (and avoided wearing wool when visiting). We rolled our eyes when Anchovia claimed to have created a moth-piranha hybrid. But when she made a fortune renting the toothy mutants to designers looking to distress all that denim this season, we were impressed. Terrified, but impressed. Word to the wise: If you buy a particularly shredded pair of jeans, check the seat before sitting down. Sometimes the little critters don’t let go.

Speaking of fashion scares, get a look at the getups snagged in this week’s red carpet and runway stakeout.

Let me save this Barrier Reef, and I’ll file my report:

ALLY OOPS: Ally Brooke of Fifth Harmony rocks a burlesque mall rat with a hint of wrestling champ look. Or a prank.

GOTH PROM: Or a Disney/Tim Burton mashup? Those shoulder packs, though.

NO SIGNAL: If Zoe Lister-Jones wrapped some tinfoil around her head, I bet that static would clear right up.

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